Nandigram Case: Nandigram case bench change, not Kaushik Chand, will be heard in this judge’s court!

Calcutta : Nandigram Case Bench Changed Acting Chief Justice of the High Court Kaushik Chanda had earlier withdrawn from the case following the plea of ​​Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The Nandigram case will be heard in a bench of Justice Shampa Sarkar in the next few days. According to sources, the case will be heard in a single bench of Justice Shampa Sarkar of the Calcutta High Court.

The Master of Roster of the Calcutta High Court is the Chief Justice of the court. That is, he decides which judge will hear which case. Similarly, the bench of the Chief Minister’s Nandigram case was changed on Monday. According to sources, the Nandigram case may be heard in the new bench of the Calcutta High Court this week.

Justice Chanda dropped the Nandigram case on Wednesday last week. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was also fined Tk 5 lakh for corrupting the judiciary. That money is directed to the State Bar Council. It will later be used to treat coronavirus. However, the chief minister’s lawyer has already said that the fine order will be challenged.

Incidentally, Nandigram MLA Shuvendu Adhikari was leading in Nandigram from the beginning of the counting of Assembly votes in the state. Later Mamata also went ahead in a few rounds. Towards the end, there was a bone-to-bone collision. Mamata was ahead till the sixteenth round. Initially, the news agency ANI reported that Mamata had won 1,200 votes. But later the BJP claimed that Shuvendu had won. With that the final fog is created. Several quarters claimed that Shuvendu had won from Nandigram by 1,953 votes. Around midnight, the Election Commission officially announced that Mamata had lost in Nandigram. Then the Trinamool Congress filed a recount petition in Nandigram. However, the commission dismissed the allegations of fraud.

But soon after the formation of the government, Mamata Banerjee herself filed an application in the High Court demanding recount in Nandigram. That case went to the bench of Justice Chander. But Mamata had filed a petition seeking removal of the case from the bench of Justice Chander after she filed several cases on behalf of the BJP while she was a lawyer. That petition, however, was not accepted. The case was left to Justice Chander’s bench. Later, Justice Chanda withdrew from the case on his own.

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