Park Street Party Follow Up Park Hotel Floor manager and DJ summoned by Lalbazar

#Kolkata: In the case of Park Hotel, this time Lalbazaar summoned the floor managers. The Park (Street Party Follow Up) party has been accused of violating the Corona Rules. That is why the source called the news. Hotel staff associated with the DJ system and food and beverage service have also been called.

According to the news on Monday afternoon, the management of the five star hotel in Park Street may be summoned this time. Last Saturday, 36 people were arrested from the third and fourth floors of the hotel. They were partying till midnight playing DJ in violation of Corona rules. The police are taking this incident very seriously. How the party was operating in the heart of the city ignoring the restrictions is being investigated. The name of the hotel authority is in the FIR. Their role is being scrutinized. It is learned that not only last Saturday, the party was going on at night in this way for several weeks. On Monday, the officials of the anti-hooliganism branch went to the hotel in Lalbazar. They have some more important information.

Meanwhile, has there been any drug use at the Park Hotel Party? The detectives have also started an investigation. This question has arisen in the minds of the detectives from the type of party. So did Yaba tablets use the national drug at this Saturday night party? Investigating officers are not blowing up this question. Because marijuana was found from the scene. In that case, in the tradition of the last two or three years, it is believed that yaba tablets may have been used in such parties. Meanwhile, the Afghan police took detailed information about the Park Hotel Party from the Kolkata police on Saturday night. Sources said that they have also inquired about the source of the drug that night.

The hotel management was given notice to appear in Lalbazar on Wednesday. The floor manager on duty at the hotel was called that day. Hotel staff who were involved with the DJ system and serving food and beverages were also called. In the meantime, the investigation of the incident at the Park Hotel came up with shocking information. After finding out who was running such a party, the police came to know that houses were rented in the name of women in the hotel. Investigators are also looking into the issue of Dada’s sex racket.

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