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Kolkata: Corona’s lockdown, which began last year, has changed many people’s lives. However, the lockdown episode did not go so badly for everyone The story of Bangatiya Swati Ghosh is much the same Swati also arrived in Incheon, Korea, with her son after her husband quit his job as a Merchant Navy officer and joined a shipbuilding company in South Korea. Even then the coronation did not begin But in a few days, the picture changed completely Due to the lockdown, the return flight to the country was gradually canceled The day was spent in extreme anxiety and anxiety Suddenly Swati finds out one day that the South Korean government has organized an international drawing competition Artist Swati sat down with a paper-pencil Swati’s painting won the title of the best among the paintings of about 600 artists from different countries of the world. Which is housed in the South Korean Government Museum Once again this year, Swati was called to South Korea This time the Bengali girl will be seen in the role of a judge at the International Art Festival held in that country.

Photo Courtesy: Swati Ghosh / Facebook Profile Photo Courtesy: Swati Ghosh / Facebook Profile

The exhibition will be a joint venture between the International Federation of Culture and Art and the International Council of Museums in the South Korean city of Geoj. On that stage, Swati became the first woman judge from India. Once again this Bangatanaya 7 brightened the face of Bengal This time Swati 7 has a bigger responsibility There will be a 14-member jury of artists from different countries to reward participants in multiple categories. He has been nominated as one of the members. The International Cultural and Art Federation’s (ICAF) exhibition has already attracted more than 270 artists from 70 countries. Their art will be exhibited in September this year. The organization has been organizing this international event for the last seven years Where there are various cultural and artistic art exhibitions According to Swati, her family’s spiritual guru, Yogi Raj Shaktikinkar Laha Roy, is the source of all her inspiration. She has also received encouragement and support for her work from her father Perth Sarathi Roy Chowdhury, mother Porna Roy Chowdhury and husband Prosenjit Ghosh. Although she was working in Norway with her husband, she is currently back in Kolkata After that, at the call of ICAF, he started preparing to go to South Korea again

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