TMC supporters invite Narendra Modi at funeral ceremony of petrol diesel LPG Petrol, diesel mourning! Trinamool supporters send card to Narendra Modi – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Various organizations have staged various protests against the rise in prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas. Protests started from bullock carts to rickshaws, nothing was left out This time, Trinamool supporters invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pay tribute to the hike in cooking gas, petrol and diesel prices. The shraddha card has been duly printed and sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on this day.

In Kolkata as well as in the whole country, the price of petrol has exceeded one hundred rupees The price of diesel has crossed Tk 93 Cooking gas is not going to be less ৷ Gas prices have further increased the pressure on the pockets of the middle class

In this situation, some grassroots activists in Rajarhat printed their mourning cards for gas, petrol and diesel. On this day, they organized a protest program in front of the GPO with that card Later, the same card was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi According to the shraddha card, petrol, diesel and cooking gas have passed away due to uncontrolled price hike. That is why their shraddha has been organized Although there is no mention of the day, the Prime Minister and his family have been requested to attend the mourning ceremony In the place of the sender of the letter, it is written, ‘One unfortunate grassroots supporter’

Trinamool supporter Kuntal Ghosh said, “At the rate at which petrol, diesel and gas prices have gone up, ordinary people can no longer use them. So we invited the Prime Minister to pay their respects ‘

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