Trinamool Bhavan Renovation || Trinamool in power for the third time, the scope of the organization has increased, this time the Trinamool building is increasing

#Kolkata: Finally the work of demolishing Trinamool Bhavan started. New Trinamool Bhavan will be constructed. Before that, the demolition work of the old building started along the bypass 36G Tapasia Road This was the headquarters of the All India Trinamool Congress (AITMC). This was the house of Supremo Mamata Banerjee in Kalighat as well as the party’s own building. This building has witnessed many incidents. Finally, the Trinamool building will be seen in a new look.

The Trinamool Bhavan Renovation has started from the last week of June. One by one the work of removing the goods of the building has been completed. For the time being, the make shift Trinamool Bhaban will run in a multi-storey house next to the Trinamool Bhaban on the bypass. The grassroots organizational work will start there. An agency has already been tasked with moving items from the building to the new home. Work is currently underway to build a new temporary office in that house.

The current building on the edge of the bypass was built in 2002. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee was an MP then. The leaders of the flower camp have many memories of this building on the edge of the bypass. However, the team is growing, the organization is getting stronger, so the new building was needed. Incidentally, Mamata Banerjee came to hold an organizational meeting this month and informed about the renovation of the building. He even said that there was very little space for him at the press conference. There were hints that a new building would be built soon. Eventually the renovation of that building or the construction of a new building is about to begin.

According to sources, the new Trinamool building will be multi-storied. There will be separate rooms for each branch. There will be separate rooms for the top leaders of the organization. There is a sitting room for the workers from the district. There will be a press conference room. In addition, virtual meetings will be arranged. In addition, there will be a hall and conference room for party meetings. The Trinamool Congress has come to power for the third time in the state. They are now jumping towards the goal of 2024. The organization is expanding rapidly. In this situation communication with the district staff is being increased. I would also like to add a new look to the party headquarters. So that work is being started quickly.

News from party sources, where the Trinamool building is now. The building will be expanded on the two sides in front of it. Part of the old building will be demolished. All in all, the Trinamool Congress wants to complete the work within the next 1-1.5 years. However, even on Rath’s day, several Trinamool activists were present in front of the Trinamool Congress building since morning. Many people take selfies. Many people took pictures of the building on their mobile phones again.


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