Admission on the basis of merit, when college and university admission began? The notification was issued by the higher education department

#Kolkata: The state higher education department has issued a detailed notification regarding the admission of first year students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The results of the high school will be released on July 22. In that case, the admission process for the first year at the undergraduate level has to start from August 2. Besides, the process of admission of postgraduate students has to start from 1st September. The Department of Higher Education has made it clear in its guidelines that no entrance test can be taken. Students have to be admitted through merit. No student has to come to the college during the admission process. The state higher education department has already sent guidelines to colleges and universities. Let’s take a look at what is being said in the guidelines of the Department of Higher Education:

1) The application process for admission in the first semester of graduation will start from 2nd August. The application process will be completed by August 20. The merit list has to be published on 31st August. The admission process has to be completed by 30th September. The first semester class of graduation level has to start from 1st October.

2) The results of the final semester of graduation level must be published by the universities by 31st August. The application process for the admission process for the first year of postgraduate level will start from 1st September. The application process will end on September 15. The merit list will be published on September 20. The admission process has to be completed by October 25. First year classes have to start from the last week of October.

3) Students will be admitted online and on merit basis. Students who are considered eligible for admission do not have to call the college-university during the student admission process for counseling or verification. College university does not require physical presence.

4) No application fee can be taken this year like last year.

5) The college-university will inform all the students who will be considered eligible for admission by letter or by email or by telephone.

6) Students will be able to pay for college through e-payment. Students do not need to attend the college in any way.

6) The list of those who will be considered for admission will be given to the bank for verification when they will pay for the admission fee in the college.

6) All the information that will be requested online must be uploaded. If the information uploaded by a student is found to be wrong, then his admission process will be canceled.

9) Universities will admit students in 80:20 formula. This means that universities will be able to admit 60% of the students from their own universities and 20% from outside universities.

The guidelines of the higher education department have informed the vice-chancellors to take necessary steps in compliance with these guidelines. Already, some students of Jadavpur Presidency University have started a movement to protest against the closure of entrance exams. The state does not want to take the risk of taking the entrance test in any way in the current situation, explained the higher education department and officials.

Somraj Banerjee

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