Calcutta high court orders to send notice to Suvendu Adhikari in case filed by Mamata Banerjee Nandigram recount of votes? High Court issues notice to Shuvendu – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Will the vote be counted again in Nandigram? Keeping the issue alive, the Calcutta High Court directed Shuvendu Adhikari to file a notice in the case filed by Mamata Banerjee. Trinamool Congress candidate Mamata Banerjee has filed a case in the High Court challenging the results of the Nandigram assembly. The case was heard on Wednesday by a bench of Justice Shampa Sarkar.

Following the case of Mamata Banerjee, the judge directed the Nandigram-winning BJP candidate Shuvendu Adhikari to issue a notice. The next hearing of the case will be on August 12. The plaintiff Mamata Banerjee virtually appeared in the bench of Justice Kaushik Chanda on June 24. He no longer needs to appear in court. This process has been completed, said Justice Shampa Sarkar. Justice Shampa Sarkar told the packed court that the matter has been completed in accordance with Rule 23, as the Register Original Side Report provides that information.

Justice Shampa Sarkar further said that the Nandigram election petition has been filed following the procedure. As Mamata Banerjee filed the election petition, the judge also directed the Election Commission to provide a copy of the order in the case. The High Court directed to preserve all the documents of Nandigram Assembly. All documents including EVM, Vivipat, Videography need to be saved. The High Court has ordered to keep all the documents till further orders.

The Chief Electoral Officer of the state has been directed to take a copy of the order of the High Court so that all the documents are properly preserved. In Nandigram, Mamata Banerjee alleged vote rigging. He requested a recount. The Chief Minister alleged that there was a mismatch in the calculation of several EVMs. However, the officer-in-charge of the Election Commission in the Nandigram Assembly constituency rejected the Trinamool Congress candidate’s application.

Mamata Banerjee filed an election petition in the High Court on May 21. The case was heard in a bench of Justice Kaushik Chand. A motion of no-confidence was filed against Justice Chander. Despite allegations of no-confidence, Justice Kaushik Chanda dropped the case to avoid new controversy. Justice Kaushik Chand dismissed the case on July 8. The case was then fixed for hearing in a bench of Justice Shampa Sarkar.

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