Cow Smuggling Case: Huge Money to Binoy Mishra from Shell Company Account? The CBI is looking for the sender

#Kolkata: The money is being sent from India to Binoy Mishra, the main accused in the cattle and coal smuggling case. According to the Central Investigation Agency, 45 accounts of Binoy have been searched and such explosive information has come to light. Investigators are currently examining the bank account information of Binoy Mishra’s close relatives.

According to CBI sources, the money is being sent through various shell companies to Binoy Mishra, the main accused in the cattle and coal smuggling case. The CBI is working to bring Binoy back to the country. But in the meantime, the Central Investigation Agency has started a vigorous investigation into how the money is reaching Binoy. Binoy Mishra and his family have about 45 bank accounts. Most have been opened in the name of the shell company. Binoy is looking into whether the money is going through that account.

However, Vinay Mishra has agreed to return to the country conditionally. He has already laid down a set of conditions in this regard with the Center and the CBI. His first condition is that the CBI and the ED have to promise the court that Binoy will not be arrested if he returns to the country. Second, you need to provide the necessary assistance regarding the modest visa. Vinay Mishra’s lawyer told the court that he was ready to return to the country if these two conditions were met.

The ASG told the court that no strict action would be taken against Binoy Mishra if he returned to the country by July 12, 2021 and faced a CBI probe into the coal and cattle smuggling case. At the same time the Red Corner notice will not be enforced. According to CBI sources, Binoy Mishra is now in hiding in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. The CBI further claimed that he has more than two passports and more than two voter ID cards. The CBI also claimed that his permanent address was two.

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