Durga Puja 2021 || Corona has taken away many pujopagals, small and big committees of the city named after Durga Pujo

#Kolkata: The mother will be worshiped, but without any pomp. The second wave of corona snatched many members of multiple pujo committees from the city to the suburbs. As a result, the worshipers do not have a good mind to lose the people close to them. However, the pujo has to be done, so the Forum for Durgotsab has already published 14-point guidelines in compliance with the strict corona rules.

Although the first wave of the corona did not have much effect, the second wave took many lives. As a result, many pujo committees do not mind pujo this time. Many of the city’s small and large pujo committees have died of corona. Many of the entrepreneurs of the Pujo Committee are also not alive. As a result, the minds of the rest are broken. Shaswat Basu, general secretary of the Forum for Durgotsab, said, “There are more than two and a half thousand pujas in Kolkata. In all, at least 500 pujo entrepreneurs have lost their lives in Corona.

Almost all the pujo committees in the city are in disarray in the second wave of Corona. Hatibagan, one of the largest pujo in North Kolkata, is public. This time 11 of the entrepreneurs were affected by the tax. The same situation is with Chetla Agrani and Tridhara of South Kolkata. This is the 75th year of Tridhara Bar. Entrepreneurs had many plans for that. But nothing is happening to him. Laltu Mukherjee of Tridhara said, ‘The situation was such that the club house had to be made a safe home. So it is right that I will only do pujo tuku with a tent over my head. ‘

Six members of the southern Mudiali Pujo Committee lost their lives in Corona. Manoj Sau, one of the founders of Mudiali, said, ‘This mental state cannot be worshiped. Yet the mother will be worshiped. But for the people who know Mudiali’s pujo, nothing will happen this time. ‘ Do not take away the pujopagal Rajat Sengupta of that village. Pradyumna Mukherjee, one of the village entrepreneurs, said, “There will be pujo but it will be very small. There is no real man in pujo.”

Somnath Dutt, general secretary of the Kashi Bose Lane Durgapujo Samiti in North Kolkata, said, ‘The two of us have left Koronai. But mother’s worship can no longer be stopped. Everything will happen but it will not be stylish. ‘ Monta Mishra of Gauribari said, “Only one person was affected during the first wave. But in the second wave, four people lost their lives. Anish Deb is one of them. Even then we will worship, just because the worship of the mother cannot be stopped. ‘


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