Education Minister-SSC chairman meeting, big decision on appointment of upper primary teachers?

#Kolkata: Amid legal complications, the Education Minister-School Service Commission held a long meeting on Wednesday. Which is the talk of the town. Already, the single bench of the Calcutta High Court has lifted the stay on the recruitment process for the upper primary. Instructed to run the recruitment process. On the other hand, the account show of the deprived job seekers has filed a case in the division bench challenging the directive of the single bench of the High Court. In this context, on Wednesday, Education Minister Bratya Basu had a long meeting with Shubh Shankar Sarkar, chairman of the School Service Commission, sources said. During the news meeting of the sources, the chairman of the commission gave a report on what the school service commission is thinking about the upper primary recruitment. Not only that, if he starts the interview, he will face legal complications again or the chairman of the commission has his opinion on that, the source said. However, no response was received from the chairman of the commission.

The School Service Commission has started the process of interviewing the upper primary immediately after the High Court lifted the stay order. But after some of the job seekers filed a case in the division bench, the process was hampered, the source said. Sources said that the chairman of the SSC wanted to know the position of the state on whether the interview process could be started in this situation. That is why he had a long meeting with Education Minister Bratya Basu on Wednesday. It is learned that a notification for interview may be issued within this week. In that case, the interview process will start from the beginning of next week. However, the issue of Eid holidays is also being considered by the commission. Sources said that the commission may issue a detailed notification for the interview on Thursday. On the other hand, the state government on Wednesday extended the ban. According to the commission, the interview may be held at another temporary office of the Khabar School Service Commission. The commission has instructed the manufacturing company to complete the infrastructural preparations for the interview within a day or two, sources in the commission said.

On the other hand, the state government is already considering extending the ban. If the interview process starts from next week, then the commission has started thinking about how the job seekers will reach Kolkata from the district. The directive issued by Navanne on Wednesday said that for the time being, no local train service will run without special.

In that case, job seekers from different districts have to rely heavily on local train services to reach Kolkata. In this case, the commission is also thinking about how the job seekers will arrive, especially from parts of North Bengal and South Bengal. After the meeting with the education minister, the SSC chairman had a long meeting with the officials on Wednesday. Although the meeting did not reach a final decision on when the interview process could start, the commission sources said that preparations are being made to start the interview from next week. The High Court has already directed to start the recruitment process including interview. In that case, if the commission’s argument is too late to start the interview, then the High Court will be accused of contempt against the commission. Although some of the job seekers have filed cases in the division bench, the commission is worried. Sources said that all issues were discussed in the meeting with the education minister on Wednesday. According to sources, the education minister has asked the chairman of the school service commission to take legal advice on the matter.

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