Kidney transplanted in NRS hospital | The darling child got life in the father’s kidney! Write in the golden water in the history of medicine in Calcutta

#Kolkata: On Tuesday, as the second government hospital in the state, a successful kidney transplant was performed at Sealdah Nilratan Government Hospital (Kidney transplanted in NRS hospital) after SSKM. The boy got new life back in his father’s kidney. Anadi Mandal, a 56-year-old resident of Nadia, made history by transplanting the kidney of his 26-year-old son Sujit Mandal. According to sources, a team of 12 doctors has supervised the transplant process.

According to NRS Hospital sources, the state government has spent several lakhs on NRS to build it as the second kidney transplant center after SSKM Hospital. The ‘Twin OT’ has been built on the second floor of the Central OT Complex of NRS. In one, the work of retrieving the kidney from the body of the donor will continue. The other OT will be the kidney transplant in the recipient’s body. After the transplant, there is a two-bed ‘recovery room’ for monitoring the patients. A three-bed ICU has also been set up in case of deteriorating condition of the patients.

According to NRS Hospital sources, all the replacement work was supposed to be done one to one and a half years ago. But for Corona, the whole episode goes backwards. However, today’s incident seems to have ended sweetly. The hospital authorities have left Huff alive as the kidney transplant process has been completed. Hopefully, both father and son are healthy after this complicated operation.

Incidentally, hospital transplants experienced in kidney transplants like PG had stopped transplants for several months. Then the situation is a little normal but they start the replacement. Pinaki Mukherjee, head of the Department of Nephrology or Kidney at NRS Hospital, said, “It is not our intention to promote just one transplant. We want many end-stage kidney patients to have access to free treatment and kidney transplants. Kidney transplants have been a complete success today, thanks to the contributions of our entire hospital, including doctors and nurses.

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