Mamata Banerjee’s video message on the return of power for the third time, ‘Ekusher 21’

#Kolkata: 21 of Ekusher. A virtual gathering instead of a crowded meeting. Ekushey July (21 July), which is 26 years old, is significant in both politics and form. Ekushey’s Shahid Tarpan Mancha has once become the Sankalp Mancha of the end of the left. Never or inspire change. After 2011, the victory rally has been held on this stage which is wrapped in the memory of the martyrs. From this platform, Mamata called on the people of Delhi to form an alternative government at the Center. This is the first Ekushey July after the formation of the government for the third time after winning the Ekushey assembly election. The ruling BJP at the Center was also desperate to gain a foothold in the state. They were defeated by a pair of flower camps. But after the formation of the government for the third time in the state, the target of the Trinamool is 2024 i.e. Delhi. The Trinamool Shibir (TMC) is looking at what direction Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee) gave from Ekushey Mancha.

This is the second time in the history of Ekushey that Mamata has held a virtual gathering in the wake of Corona infection. However, this year’s Ekush is probably different from other years. In addition to the political value of the organization. The Mamata Banerjee-led Provincial Youth Congress launched the Writers’ Campaign in 1993 using the slogan ‘No Identity, No Vote’. Thirteen young men were killed in the police firing. The mass rally of Ekushey July started from 1994 to pay homage to the martyrs. 2013 was an exception. This gathering has been celebrated every year except that year. This year is another exception. Maintaining continuity, the style has changed drastically Team leader Mamata Banerjee will address the virtual platform on July 21 at 2 pm. Corona, many places in the state were devastated by Yas Legislative by-elections in several other constituencies in the state. The rest are multiple municipal elections. Although the opposition party is in the state, the BJP is stepping up its attacks In this situation, the grassroots are looking at the political speech of the party leader. On the one hand, the message of the leaders and workers of his own party. On the other hand, in response to the allegations of the opposition. Team 7 wants to get an indication of both of these in the team leader’s speech Abhishek Bandopadhyay, the new All India General Secretary of the waiting party. The Trinamool Congress has already made various arrangements on the occasion of July 21.

With one week left, various teasers have been published on social media. The team leader has already left a message. He said, “Keeping in mind the cowardly situation, this time it will be virtualized on July 21. Because if you call, millions of people will gather. Even though the situation in Corona is under control in the state, it will be virtual this time on July 21. Version. “


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