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#Kolkata: Lalbazar got more sensational information about the night party of Park Hotel on Park Street after the addition of drugs. The investigation has revealed information of immoral activities surrounding the party. Meanwhile, a total of ten people were questioned in the case on Wednesday. They have been summoned again. Why was the night party organized in the corridor of the hotel in violation of the rules in Corona situation? Why not object on behalf of the hotel? From the first day of the investigation, these questions have come back to the minds of the investigators. So the FIR that was lodged on the night of the incident has also brought charges against the hotel authorities. CCTV footage of the hotel has been collected. Lalbazar has even prepared a list of those who booked rooms that day.

Officers and staff were summoned on Monday by sending a notice to the hotel authorities. A total of 10 people were questioned on the day, according to Lalbazar sources. Investigating officers have taken statements from those already in police custody. It is learned that the hotel officials have been questioned since that source.

Bars and nightclubs are closed due to Corona rules. So the hotel authorities themselves changed the rules in several cases to entertain the customers, the questioning came up. Even the police have got that evidence. More shocking information, the room was booked in the name of one person, but the presence of that person was not found.

Here is the question of the detectives, why such illegal work was done? Who directed it? The answers to some of these questions are still elusive to investigators. So these 10 people have been summoned again. Lalbazar is going to call a few more people.

However, inquiries have surfaced that everything from the supply of liquor to entertainment at the party was arranged by the hotel. Detectives have already identified the organizers of the party. They have also been summoned in the coming days. Even the information of drug addiction in the hotel night party has come to hand. Sources said that they have also been questioned about who used drugs to enter the hotel. Not only drug gangs but also immoral activities were going on. The investigation has also started. Police are investigating whether any hotel worker is behind this. An investigation has emerged that a large circle was operating. The search for those involved in this cycle has begun.

Amit Sarkar

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