Pakistani Lady denied covid jab in Kolkata: Pakistani woman denies covid jab in Kolkata

#Kolkata: There is no Indian document, a Pakistani woman returned to Medica Hospital in Kolkata without being vaccinated. Shah Kaiser, 30, had booked a slot for a ticker on the Co-Win app by showing the passport. But he was not vaccinated after falling into the rope. But Shah is not an illegal resident. He has been in this city for seven years after marriage.

Shahr booked slots from three to four on Friday afternoon. When you go to the hospital, first according to the rules, after seeing Queen’s slot booking, the money is deposited. Sputnik-V vaccine will also be given. An employee then told them, “We have to wait. We are talking to higher authorities.”

After sitting for another two and a half hours, they were told that there were no health building instructions, so they could not be vaccinated. Shah said that when it comes to registration, there is a reference to the passport as a valid document. There is no mention that the passport of any other country is not valid.

Meanwhile, after returning from Medica Hospital, he received a message that he refused to be vaccinated, so the vaccination was not completed. When he returned home, he called the health building and was informed that there would be no problem in the private hospital. As a result they (Medica) are forced to vaccinate.

However, when Shah called Medica Hospital again, they said they were unable to vaccinate as there was no instruction from the health building. Then on Sunday, Shah registered his name in the Queen app again. Vaccination slots are booked at Dhakuria Amri Hospital from 10 am to 11 am on Tuesday.

Amri Hospital sources, who did not want to be named, said they had repeatedly contacted the health building about the matter. But no proper information was given from the health department. If the health building does not ban, they will vaccinate at the specified time.

Although Shah’s question is that he was intimately involved with Kolkata in this city after 7 years of marriage, he was deprived of vaccination only because he did not have Aadhaar card? She is vulnerable enough to not get vaccinated, she has two young children. Moreover if he does not get the address he can infect many more people in the coming days. Also, all the foreign embassy staff who are there are getting the vow vaccine. Does the health department have any specific guidelines on whether foreign nationals cannot be vaccinated? If he has to go to the country for any reason, what will he do without vaccination?

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