Somen Mitra Son: Answer to ‘insult’ Somen-son, Rohan Mitra left the Congress targeting Adhir!

#Kolkata: Soman Mitra’s followers have been dissatisfied with Adhir Chowdhury since he became the provincial Congress president in the last phase. This time, Rohan Mitra, the son of the late provincial Congress president Somen Mitra, made that anger public. Rohan resigned from the post of General Secretary of the Provincial Congress, expressing his anger against Adhir Chowdhury. Meanwhile, the provincial Congress president has called a meeting with the state leaders today. Rohan’s resignation before that meeting has caused a stir in the Congress.

Somenputra sent a three-page resignation letter. In each of the letters of resignation, Rohan questioned Adhir Chowdhury and the current state of the provincial Congress led by him. He also lamented how Rohan was insulted during the two terms of Adhir Chowdhury as the state president, and how Rohan was defeated in the Youth Congress elections despite his father Somen Mitra being the state Congress president.

However, Rohan’s observation about Adhir is that after the death of Somen Mitra, Adhir Chowdhury is the most suitable person for the post of Provincial Congress President. However, the general secretary of the resigned provincial Congress wrote that the way his party is running the organization during the crisis should be corrected.

Not only that, with the alliance with ISF, Rohan has targeted Adhir in a strong tone. Somen Mitra also raised the issue of how ISF leader Abbas Siddiqui made Adhir Chowdhury ‘small’ on the brigade stage. However, Somen Putra said he would not attend any meeting called by Adhir in the future as he had not reviewed the overall results of the assembly.

A few days ago, Rohan’s mother Shikha Mitra also criticized Adhir Chowdhury for his alliance with ISA. He even gave a positive message about the alliance with the grassroots. This time his son’s resignation from the Congress created a new speculation. According to a section of the political circles, the ruling Trinamool may be the destination of the son of former Trinamool MP Somen Mitra. However, Rohan has not yet opened his mouth about this.

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