WB Restrictions: After about a month and a half, the shop-market is opening as usual! A smile of relief on the faces of millions of businessmen

#Kolkata: Another one-point WB Restrictions are being issued in the state. But the good news for small and large wholesale and retail businesses, including the grain market, came in this episode. From now on, traders will be able to open shops as usual. Small traders smile normally.

The shops and markets were closed for a long time during the lockdown of the second episode of Corona. The grain market was open from 8 am to 10 am on June 15 and from 12 noon to 3 pm gold and shops, clothes shops and other essentials were open. This time is gradually increased step by step. Recently, the market was open from 8 am to 12 noon. The government is further relaxing that rule.

According to sources, small and big shops inside the shopping mall will also be open normally during this period. The shops inside the shopping mall will have to run with 50 percent staff. The store has also been instructed to maintain a 50 per cent level of public gatherings. Salons and beauty parlors will be open in this episode. However, vaccination is mandatory for both buyers and sellers.

A notification has been issued on behalf of Navanna today stating that the ban will continue till July 30 in the state. Local trains will be closed during this period, but metro services will run five days a week with 50% passengers. All educational institutions are closed during this period. However, buses, trams and taxis will be able to take 50 percent of the passengers on the road, says Nabanna.

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