Kasba Rape: Young woman drunk, beaten and raped! Kasba is accused of arrest

#Kolkata: A young man was accused of raping a young woman in the heart of the city again It is alleged that the girl was raped after getting drunk, beaten and taken to the flat. The complainant’s mother questioned the role of the police in the incident. However, Kasba Police Station has denied all the allegations. The accused youth has been arrested. Dhrita’s name is Debangsh Poddar.

According to the complainant, the young man’s company was introduced through dating apps. The incident took place on July 3 in a flat in Kasba. Allegedly, the two went to a restaurant on Camac Street after the introduction. It is alleged that the young woman was made to drink alcohol there. Then the young woman got sick there. The young man came with the young woman to reach the young woman’s flat. The young woman told the young man to go home. But the boy pushed the door and insisted later. It is alleged that the young man forcibly opened the door and raped the girl. When the young woman stopped him, he beat her severely. The young woman became virtually unconscious. Then the young man ran away from there. After that, her mother called the girl repeatedly but did not get the call. He then informed the police that his mother could not find the girl. Then the girl’s mother returned home and found her naked. When he regained consciousness, he began to squirm in pain.

On July 4, the girl and her mother went to lodge a complaint with the police The mother of the complainant demanded that when she went to lodge a complaint, the OC of Kasba police station said, “Sunday is a holiday, come in the afternoon.” He was even accused of sitting for two hours. If this allegation is not proved, then it is difficult to marry the daughter, said one SI, the mother of the complainant has made such a sensational allegation.

The complainant’s mother complained of police inaction. He said the police officer told him, why did you come before Sunday morning? If you complain about this, your daughter will not get married later. Your daughter took it. The plaintiff’s mother countered, “My daughter did not say to rape, to bite, to beat at a massive rate. The next thing is whether my daughter will get married. But we will complain.”

Although the police have denied all the allegations. The police counter-claimed that the complainants were not detained for long. The police did not say that the girl will not get married. He was also arrested after the case was registered on July 4. Complaining lawyer Mita Banerjee questioned the role of the police. He complained that the police kept him for a long time and then lodged a complaint. It also takes time to accept the young woman’s clothes and various evidences. On the other hand, the accused youth is currently in jail custody. Where women have to complain immediately after receiving a complaint i.e. ‘Zero Tolerance’, the family of the complainant is angry over such police use.

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