Mamata Banerjee PC: The third wave will come after the center vaccination, Mamata Banerjee voiced serious fears

#Kolkata: The center is vaccinating slowly. If the vaccine comes at this rate, the third wave of Covid (Corornavirs Bengal) will come. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee PC once again sent a letter to the Prime Minister regarding the vaccine. He also expressed this concern. In his words, “Whether I get an answer or not, I will write a letter. It is my responsibility to bring it to the notice of the Prime Minister. I will do that.”

Speaking at a press conference on the same day, Mamata Banerjee said, “The health minister has said that 75 lakh vaccines have been given this month. But we have received only 25 lakh. Today I have written to the Prime Minister about vaccinations. Will come. “

Mamata Banerjee then goes on to explain that the situation in the state is better than in other states. In his argument, covid infections range from an average of 800/900. Growing in other states, I don’t know why. The positivity rate in the state is 1.5 percent. At the time of the election, the rate was 33 percent. The state now has a 98% discharge rate.

The Chief Minister further said that 1.6 crore first dose has been given. 60 lakh second dose has been given. In his words, we have vaccinated 51 lakh super spreaders. 14 crore vaccine is required. Can’t get it right. So far I have received 2.12 crore. We bought it ourselves with 60 lakh rupees. According to the Chief Minister, “We are the best in the country in terms of vaccination. The rate of vaccine loss (-6). It is the best in the country.”

Mamata Banerjee took Narendra Modi by the hand. He said, “The Prime Minister was saying that Uttar Pradesh has done the most. You don’t pay for flood relief, you don’t pay GST. It is unfair. The central government did not pay Rs 700 crore during the Farakka water deal. It is defaming Bengal. He is using some institutions. The less said about them, the better. We have nothing to say about him giving more vaccines to his state there. But Bengal is being deprived. It has lost here. There is no shame in that either. It cannot accept the rate. “

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