Mamata Banerjee to meet PM Modi: Mamata Banerjee to meet Modi in Delhi

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee is going to Delhi. First reported by news18. This time the Chief Minister himself told the press conference. He said he would visit Delhi and meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ramnath Kobind.

The Chief Minister said on the day, “I could not go to Delhi after the election.” I go once every time Parliament is running. I have not fixed the date yet. But let’s go. When the time comes, the Prime Minister will meet the President. I will meet many old and new.

Sources said Mamata Banerjee will meet Sonia Gandhi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with other opposition leaders. According to sources, the visit to Delhi is for five days. Mamata Banerjee can inform the Prime Minister directly about vaccination in these five days.

Mamata Banerjee’s big victory in the last assembly elections has strengthened the opposition camp across the country. Many opposition leaders want to meet him. Observers believe that his presence will boost the morale of the local leadership, especially before the Punjab and Uttar Pradesh elections. Besides, it is believed that he can play a big role in creating opposition unity across the state borders. That is why the whole country will keep an eye on his visit to Delhi.

At this time, the Trinamool is also gearing up in the Parliament. Since Narendra Modi repeatedly raised the slogan Didi and Didi in the entire voting phase, the Trinamool wants to give him back in the Parliament this time. According to sources, Trinamool MPs can raise slogans like Dada and Dada as soon as Modi enters the session room. Trinamool leaders are also expected to speak out in Parliament over the rise in petroleum prices.

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