Sisir Adhikari: Table to trap Mukul? Letter from Lok Sabha Secretariat to know Shishir-Sunil’s ‘party’

#Kolkata: The ruling Trinamool has repeatedly written to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha demanding the dismissal of Shishir Adhikari and Sunil Mandal, who joined the BJP. Trinamool Lok Sabha leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay even called Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and asked him to take action against the dew. The principal informed him that a committee was being formed very soon. In this situation, the Lok Sabha Secretariat sent a letter to Kanthi MP Shishir Adhikari and East Burdwan MP Sunil Mandal under the anti-defection law. They have been directed to reply within 15 days. However, the owner of Shishir said that he has not received the letter yet.

The Trinamool demanded against Shishir and Sunil that immediate action be taken to strengthen the parliamentary system. Call them and ask them which team they belong to. Only then can a quick decision be made. Sudip said they have enough evidence in this regard. After that the Lok Sabha Secretariat sent a letter to Shishir and Sunil.

Mukul Roy, who quit the Trinamool Congress and joined the BJP under the anti-defection law, will be heard on Friday. State Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee has summoned the complaining BJP parliamentary party for a hearing at his residence tomorrow afternoon. Shuvendu will be in that meeting. There are various speculations surrounding the high voltage meeting between Principal Biman Banerjee and Shuvendu Adhikari on Friday. The BJP has already gone to the governor against the president. Shuvendu also made unfounded remarks about the principal. The BJP parliamentary party also claimed that Mukul Roy had officially joined the Trinamool Congress. All the evidence in his favor will be submitted to the principal.

The letter of the Lok Sabha Secretariat is especially significant to Shishir and Sunil at such a time. The idea of ​​a section of the political circles is that the day before the hearing about Mukul, Shishir sent a letter to Sunil instructing him to reply and in fact an attempt was made to put pressure on Mukul Roy. Two Trinamool MPs have joined the BJP ahead of the Assembly polls. Sunil Mandal is a former Burdwan MP. The other is the father of Shuvendu Adhikari and the grassroots MP of Kanthi Shishir Adhikari The Trinamool Congress has demanded the dismissal of both the MPs. Similarly, Mukul joined the Trinamool after winning the elections on behalf of the BJP. Gerua Shibir wants to put pressure on the Krishnanagar MLA with the same weapon.

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