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#Kolkata: Coronavirus vaccine is being suppressed in the Center-State. But many people have to return without getting vaccinated. Especially those who are going to take the first dose. Many people are not getting corona vaccine even after visiting more than one hospital.

Every day countless people are standing in line in front of the vaccination centers of different hospitals from early morning to get vaccinated. But after standing in line for a long time, many people are going back without getting vaccinated. The first and second doses of corona are being given at SSKM Hospital on the rest of the week except Sunday.

Covishield and covacin are being vaccinated in SSKM. Vaccination work is starting from 9.30 am. But long before dawn, people are lining up in front of the vaccination center. Rose is being vaccinated with a certain number of first doses and second doses daily. After opening the counter on Thursday, it was informed that 400 people will get the first dose on this day. And 200 people will get the second dose. Of these, 50 senior citizens will get the first and second dose.

But it is seen that about 700 people have been standing in line hoping to take the first dose since this morning. The number of people coming to take the second dose is much less than that. Many of the people who came to take the first dose had to return home without getting vaccinated. Many of them came to SSKM without getting vaccinated.

For example, Arindam in Howrah Shibpur. Arindam Babu went to the immunization center in his area for several days to take the first dose. Shambhunath Pandit went to the hospital on Thursday morning without getting vaccinated there. But there is only a second dose being given. So finally came SSKM. But he could not come in the first 400 people and had to return without getting vaccinated.

Similarly, Bimal Kumar Dey from Jagachha, Howrah came to take the first dose. “I have been standing in line since morning,” he said. But I didn’t get vaccinated today because I couldn’t make it to the top 400. ‘

Soujan Mondal

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