TMC to Election Commission | Trinamool in the commission than quick election, BJP’s question, why the delay in the pre-vote!

#Kolkata: This time the representatives of Trinamool Congress went to the National Election Commission to demand quick elections. The delegation included Sukhendushekhar Roy, Derek O’Brien, Sudip Banerjee, Saugat Roy, Kakli Ghosh Dastidar, Kalyan Banerjee. The Trinamool demanded that the by-elections be held in seven assembly constituencies of the state with a seven-day campaign period.

Sudip Bandyopadhyay said, “Our topic of discussion was when there will be seven by-elections in the state.” When the assembly elections were held, the corona positive rate was 33%, now it stands at 2%. The people of the state expect the election to be completed in six months. We have no problem in holding a short campaign for him, the Chief Minister has already announced.

Needless to say, the BJP is not welcoming this rush of grassroots by-elections. Like observers, the BJP does not want by-elections right now. The reason is that the BJP does not have the situation to handle the disaster and participate in the by-elections now. But even though he did not speak directly, the BJP is giving another argument to postpone the elections. BJP leaders question, on what grounds is the ruling party seeking by-elections by postponing the municipal polls? The existence of the ruling party does not depend on this by-election. Like the political circles, votes are left in 112 municipalities in the state. The BJP is also in control of some parts of the region where the polls are yet to be held, especially in North Bengal. As a result, the BJP leadership thinks that there is a possibility of recovering some of the lost land in the by-elections due to fear of damage. And in this procrastination, even if the whole voting phase can be postponed a bit, it is for the special benefit of the party.

BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya, however, said, “We have no objection to any election but why are the grassroots having a headache with the by-election when there are so many votes left in the municipality?”

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