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#Kolkata: Passengers should be sure to see this text at the ‘Service Available’ metro station. But after getting on the metro, my chest is trembling with panic again. Because even though there is talk of running Metro with 50 percent passengers (Kolkata Metro Service), the real picture is just the opposite. Passengers are traveling in the metro regardless of any distance rules. Metro service resumed 61 days after Friday morning. The metro started from Dumdum and poet Subhash at 8 in the morning. The metro will run until eight o’clock at night.

Initially, it was decided that the metro will run with fifty percent or two thousand passengers. No one will be allowed to enter the station without a mask. Not a token, but no side system. Passengers can travel in the metro only if they have a smart card. Normally the number of passengers in the metro is much less than before. It would be unwanted for anyone to travel on the metro so that the security guards would like to see the professional identity cards of the passengers when entering the station.

But despite all this, many passengers complained that the corona restrictions inside the train were not being obeyed properly. Most of the passengers inside the metro do not follow the distance rules even though they follow all the cove rules outside. Sandeep Das, who took the metro from Shobhabazar to Kalighat this morning, said, But other passengers are doing it. As a result, distance rules are not being followed properly.

The same allegation is made by Amal Kundur. Poet Amalbabu got up from Subhash and got down to Kalighat. Rupayan Mitra, public relations officer of Metro Rail, said, “We have no such news. But it could have happened somewhere. In that case, we want the awareness and cooperation of the passengers.

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