Babul Supriyo on Facebook: Babul Supriyo is not always active in Netpara! Various rumors about the interval

#Kolkata: He did not take the slightest time to pierce the grassroots. He was a Union Minister and was always active on social media in spite of his busy schedule. That Babul Supriya is not found on Facebook. Babul was more active on Facebook than on Twitter. But as it turns out, the last post he made on Facebook was on July 11 at 11.30pm. In that post, he wrote, it is his job not to listen to rumors, let him speak on his behalf. But rumors are gradually turning into rumors. That Babul used to post on Facebook four or five times a day. From attacking the grassroots to questioning Mbabane’s football skills, Babul’s Facebook page has become a hotbed of controversy and popularity.

Eight-year-old Union Minister Babul Supriyo has been dropped from the new cabinet of the Narendra Modi government. And from the day he lost that ministry, he was the ‘other’ Babylon. Babul is at the center of the discussion by posting one Facebook post after another, and that is within the party. After losing the ministry, his clash with BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has come to light again and again. After losing the ministry, the MP from Asansol gave more ‘attention’ to songs from politics on social media. But even then, the frustration of losing the ministry came out from time to time.

In the meantime, he wrote, “Out of the corner of my mind,” I have not given my mind to anyone – I will not give. Then why talk so much about it. ” Shortly after losing the ministry, Babul wrote on Facebook, “There will be some fire where there is smoke. Friends who love me, I can’t pick up the media phone. Yes, I have resigned from the cabinet. I have been asked to resign.” Later, however, Babul had to ‘correct’ his own writing again, writing, ‘It may not be right to use the word that he was asked to resign.’

Babul’s last post … Of course, everyone was saying that even if he re-explained the comment, it became clear that day that there was some arrogance in the writings of the former Union Minister. Meanwhile, Asansol MP started following Trinamool Congress and Mukul Roy on Twitter. Meanwhile, Mamata Banerjee targeted Narendra Modi while sitting in Navanne with Babul’s ministry ‘Kara’. Seeing all this, Dilip Ghosh sneered, ‘Babul was an active minister. But when he was a minister, the Chief Minister did not insult him less. Now Babul has breathed his last. ‘ Babul did not hesitate to retaliate. ‘I’m glad Dilipada was happy to save my breath!’ It was not difficult for anyone to understand the irony of Babylon in the text.

In fact, the rumors about the grassroots closeness of Babylon have started to grow. Rumors and ‘rumors’ about the change of Babul flower in state politics have not stopped. And at such a critical time, Babul Supriya, once known as Modi’s confidante, cannot be found on social media including Facebook. Will the BJP MP from Asansol make an ‘explosion’ by bridging this gap, the political circles of Bengal are counting down the hours.

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