Bank officer arrested on 1 crore cheat allegation | ‘More money to invest in potatoes’! Researcher returns to London, loses Rs 1 crore to female cheater …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: The hadith of the big fraud cycle was found in Calcutta. Kolkata Fraud Case This time in the name of keeping money in Potato Bond, one crore and five lakh rupees were seized. Such allegations have been made by the researcher who returned to London. The name of the accused is Supti Mukherjee. The accused bank officer has been arrested by the police of Shakespeare police station. It is known that he is a bank official

The researcher named Parthapratim Roy left the IT company a few years ago and returned to the country. He was talked to by a woman named Supti Mukherjee. Who is working in a high position (Bank Officer) of a private bank. The woman and her colleagues complained to the researcher that if they put money in a potato bond instead of a bank, they would get more interest.

The researcher started keeping money from 2016. Get some money back on interest. Then they disappeared. It is alleged that the husband of the bank official Supti was also involved in the scam. This cycle was in the area of ​​Shakespeare Street police station. A complaint was lodged with the police station in 2020. The accused were fugitives. The accused woman was finally caught by the police.

According to the complainant, she invested in potato business bonds through Supti and her husband in late 2016. Supti later explained to him that the original documents of the SEBI-approved bonds would be available only if he invested more. Accordingly, Perth invested 1 crore rupees. But even after a long time, he did not get any documents.

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