Case Against Suvendu Adhikari: What are the allegations against Suvendu Adhikari? Report requested!

#Kolkata: The results of the assembly came out on May 2. The Trinamool Congress is sitting in the masnad for the third time in a huge mandate. The main opposition party is now the BJP. At the same time, for the first time, the Leader of the Opposition from the state, BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari. Shuvendu Adhikari is being repeatedly harassed because he is the Leader of the Opposition. Chanchal Nandi’s lawyer filed a sensational complaint in the Calcutta High Court on Thursday. After hearing the question, the judge gave protection to Chanchal Nandi. He also demanded a report from the state on the Leader of the Opposition.

Justice Rajasekhara Mantha directed the state to submit all the allegations against the Leader of the Opposition and details of the FIR in the form of a report. The state will give this report within 4 weeks.

The incident started with a complaint lodged at Maniktala police station in February. Police have arrested a man on charges of cheating and breach of trust. Another accused in the case, Chanchal Nandi, filed a case in the High Court, alleging that the police were involved in a political feud. Asked on Thursday, senior lawyer Paramjit Patwalia said the allegations were being made to harass the state’s opposition leader unnecessarily. He also brought forward the example of Mukul Roy. Just as Mukul Roy was embarrassed to leave the Trinamool Congress and join the BJP, the same process has begun around the current Leader of the Opposition. He also argued why the High Court had dismissed Mukul Roy’s cases.

The issue of how the Supreme Court protects the three top leaders of the state BJP was also brought up in the hearing. However, the state government has rejected the argument of Chanchal Nandi’s lawyer. If the affidavits of both the parties are given after 5 weeks, the case will be heard. A CBI probe has been filed in the case. However, the judge said that the application is not being considered at present. The FIR against Chanchal Nandi and the Leader of the Opposition in the state has been circulating affidavits and some of the lawyers are of the view that the matter may come up for consideration later.

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