Election Petition in Bengal: Case against 15 seats including Nandigram! Many things can change the decision of the court

#Kolkata: Out of 292 assembly seats in Bengal, 15 cases have been filed in the Calcutta High Court alleging fraud. Trinamool Congress candidate Mamata Banerjee filed her first election petition in the High Court on May 21 challenging the results of the Nandigram vote. Then one by one 4 more candidates of Trinamool Congress filed a case alleging vote rigging. The BJP has alleged vote rigging.

10 BJP candidates have filed election petitions in the Calcutta High Court. The list includes BJP candidate Jitendra Tiwari of Pandavaswar, Kalyan Chaubey of Maniktala and others. Justice Ravi Krishan Kapoor has directed to give notice to the winning Trinamool Congress candidate Naren Chakraborty after accepting the case of Jitendra Tiwari.

A bench of Justice Amrita Sinha on Friday heard the case of BJP candidate Swadhin Sarkar, who had filed a petition challenging the results of Vaishnavnagar assembly constituency in Malda. The BJP candidate lost to Trinamool Congress candidate Chandana Sarkar by a margin of 2481 votes. The High Court has initially accepted the election petition of the BJP candidate. Justice Amrita Sinha today directed the winning Trinamool Congress candidate from Vaishnavanagar to take notice. The Election Commission was also instructed to take notice.

Independent government lawyer Samson Courier and lawyer Bikash Kumar Singh said, “All documents including EVM, VVIPAT and all video recordings have been directed to be preserved. All documents have to be preserved till further order by the High Court.” On the other hand, the result challenge case of Bangaon South Assembly was heard in the bench of Justice Vivek Chowdhury on Friday. The Calcutta High Court has directed the Commission to preserve all the documents, information and video recording of the election in Bangaon South Assembly constituency. Alorani Sarkar, a Trinamool candidate from Bangaon South, filed the case. He alleged that Swapan Majumder, the winning candidate of the BJP, had given false information in his affidavit. He campaigned in the Silent Period. The paramilitary forces have exerted influence in that center. Justice Vivek Chowdhury’s question, “Can an election be canceled just because the central jawans have exerted influence? In that case, how reasonable is the plaintiff’s argument?” The case will be heard again on July 30. Both the candidates were supposed to be present in person on that day.

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