Fake Kolkata Police Officer || Hot red lipstick-sunglasses! Kolkata police uniform on! Female ‘traffic sergeant’ in sight

#Kolkata: Sulagna Ghosh, the lady officer of the fake Kolkata Traffic Police, came to the notice of the police this time after the fake KMC officer i.e. IAS Debanjan Deb, several fake CBI officers.

Hot red lipstick, sunglasses on the eyes, a few pairs of earrings on the ears. Sometimes ponytail in hair and sometimes top knot. Kolkata police traffic sergeant’s milk white uniform is worn with this beautiful outfit! Pictures of this beautiful female traffic officer have been circulating on social media for days. She is so beautiful, she is wearing a police uniform, so many people noticed it. Sulagna even posted a picture on social media calling herself the father of Kolkata Police Commissioner Soumen Mitra. However, he recently deleted those pictures from his account. Doubt grows in it. Then someone who did not want to be named filed a case against the girl in the cyber cell of Kolkata police.

According to the police sources, the eyes of the police were on the investigation. Investigating officers have learned that Sulagna Ghosh, a resident of Bikramgarh, had been posting multiple pictures of herself as a traffic sergeant on social media for several days. He later deleted the picture from his account. Police are already questioning Sulagna. It is being investigated whether he did this only to increase his price on social media, or there is some other motive behind it. However, initially no allegation of cheating was found against the girl. Note that Sulagna has multiple traffic sergeants on her Facebook friends list.

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