Hiran Chatterjee on Mamata Banerjee: ‘Chief Minister wakes up late’, BJP’s hotel story in Hiran’s face!

#Khargpur: MLA and actor Hiran Chatterjee’s 6 can be seen in his own assembly constituency And on this allegation, several posters in the name of BJP MLA have been read in Talbagicha area of ​​Khargpur city. The Trinamool Congress, as well as some locals, have complained that MLA Hiranmoy Chatterjee has not been seen in Khargpur for more than a month. However, the MLA of Khargpur Sadar has claimed that this allegation is propaganda of the grassroots. He claimed that he was not going to the constituency due to the assembly session. Meanwhile, during the election campaign, he opened his mouth about the chemistry of Mamata Banerjee and her ‘relationship’. He said that during the election campaign, he left the suite allotted for him at the hotel in Kharagpur for the Chief Minister.

Hiran said he left his suite to the Chief Minister at the Green Land Hotel in Kharagpur during the election. Mamata spent 15 consecutive days in that suite in Greenland, starting from Jangalmahal to Dui Medinipur, Burdwan. However, Hiran claimed that the hotel authorities had requested him to change the suite.

The reason was that the bathroom in that suite was straight from the room so it was easy to travel in a wheelchair. And the Chief Minister was injured in his leg and is campaigning in a wheelchair all over the state. So, keeping in mind the special obstacles of the Chief Minister, he agreed to leave his suite.

However, Hiran said that the Chief Minister did not meet him face to face in this long hotel bus. He claimed that he used to leave the hotel very early in the morning for a morning walk. And he would come back at night after preaching all day. CM, on the other hand, is a little late riser. That is why the one-time grassroots leader Hiran did not meet his one-time party leader.

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