Mamata Banerjee: Mamata on the wall of Jayalalithaa’s kingdom! Tamil Nadu is looking for ‘Amma’ in him

#Kolkata: This time Mamata Banerjee is on the wall of South India. The Trinamool has a new plan for July 21 this year. Mamata’s words will be presented to virtually the whole country. The speech will be shown on the giant screen. And that preparation is in full swing. In the middle of it, a picture of Mamata was seen on the wall of Tamil Nadu. Along with that is written ‘Mamta Amma’. It was broadcast in Tamil on July 21. As soon as this picture came to the fore, it spread through social media.

To the people of Tamil Nadu, ‘Amma’ is a word associated with passion, love. Jayalalithaa was also called ‘Amma’ by the people of Tamil Nadu. In politics too, all the tables could be changed with the pronunciation of ‘Amma’. But a lot has changed since Jayalalithaa’s death. His team also had to relinquish power. But after Jayalalithaa, the people of Tamil Nadu found their mother in Mamata.

Before the 2021 assembly elections, Mamata Banerjee has launched ‘Mother Canteen’ in the state. Food can be found in this canteen for only 5 rupees. It was said at the time that Mamata had taken the idea from Jayalalithaa’s ‘Amma Canteen’. Comparisons were drawn between them. There was also criticism. But after winning the vote, the whole picture changed. The people of Tamil Nadu are looking for their mother in Mamata.

However, TMC is a well-known name in Tamil Nadu politics. Congress leader GK Mupana left the Congress and formed the Tamil Manila Congress. That team is also called TMC. Although the grassroots have nothing to do with it. However, the evidence that Mamata wants to present her team to the whole country is also working. And there are plans to take it to the national level on July 21. Work is also being done according to that thought. Even outside the state, everyone knows Mamata by calling her Didi. But from now on she is also ‘Amma’. ‘Amma’ of Tamil Nadu. Emotions are involved with this call. The table of politics is changing.

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