Mukul Roy on Suvendu Adhikari: Shuvendu’s legal warning, Mukul is not getting it! BJP leader at home again

#Kolkata: A hearing was held today before the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly seeking cancellation of Mukul Roy’s membership under the anti-defection law. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari himself appeared there. But the opposition leader did not have much confidence in the principal’s hearing. He could not be satisfied even after appearing at the hearing for the first time in the light of the allegation. So the opposition leader also warned to walk in a legal way. As a result, according to informed sources, the BJP is increasing pressure on Mukul. But what is Mukul Roy himself thinking? Mukul, who has joined the grassroots, is reluctant to give special importance to Shuvendu.

The Krishnanagar MLA said on the day, ‘He can go wherever he wants. Everyone has the right to complain. Wherever he thinks, he can go. I have nothing to say about it. In other words, he wanted to convey that he was reluctant to give in to any pressure from Shuvendu.

Opposition leader Shuvendu, however, submitted some information and evidence against Mukul to the principal. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Biman Banerjee will hear the complaint again on July 30 However, the Leader of the Opposition has made it clear that the BJP is preparing to go to court over the issue Besides, Gerua Shibir 7 has also planned to take the Mukul issue to Delhi this time

Meanwhile, Rajiv Bandyopadhyay, a BJP candidate from Domjur and a former minister, arrived at the funeral of Mukul Roy’s wife at Bijpur in North 24 Parganas on the same day. BJP candidate from Bidhannagar Sabyasachi Dutta also appeared at the same time. After the collapse of the BJP ticket, Rajib Bandyopadhyay is once again trying desperately to increase his closeness with the Trinamool. Political analysts like that. That possibility is strong enough with Sabyasachi.

Although Rajiv-Sabyasachi, the two claim that there is nothing political behind this arrival. Rajiv said, ‘I have known Mukulda for a long time. He was also acquainted with Boudi. There has been a lot of talk. I went to the hospital during his illness. I have come here today to seek peace of his soul. ‘ The same tune is also in the throat of Sabyasachi. However, the buzz does not stop there.

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