NHRC Report on Post Poll Violence: Defamation case against ‘infamous miscreants’ Counter-retaliation states?

#Kolkata: The state government is preparing to counter the report of the National Human Rights Commission. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday submitted an explosive report on post-poll violence in the Calcutta High Court. In the report, Minister of State Jyotipriya Mallick, MLA Perth Bhowmik, Mamata Banerjee’s election agent Sheikh Sufian and former MLA Udayan Guha have been described as ‘notorious miscreants’. Mamata Banerjee has counter-attacked the report as political revenge of the BJP. “This report is an attempt to discredit Bengal,” he said. However, the state government is preparing to respond not only to the attack but also to the report of the National Human Rights Commission in the High Court.

In that context, the home secretary of the state held a high-level meeting on Friday. Sources said that the report submitted by the commission will be thoroughly answered. Discussions are going on that the state government can even go to the Supreme Court if necessary. For now, the High Court will be asked for time to respond to the allegations made by the National Human Rights Commission.

Not only that, it has been decided that the state government will extend all possible cooperation to all the leaders and ministers who have been identified as tainted accused in the report of the National Human Rights Commission. They may also be advised to file a defamation suit. It was at this meeting of the Home Secretary and senior police officials on Friday evening that the door to the Supreme Court was kept open for the time being.

Incidentally, the NHRC report noted that the rule of law in the state has completely collapsed. About 2,000 complaints of post-poll violence have been lodged. The report said the CBI should investigate the allegations. It is also written that Rabindranath’s Bengali is bloody. If it is not stopped now, this violence will gradually spread to other states. The report also accused government officials of working for the ruling party. The report also names more than one woman involved in the violence. In all, there are more than 100 names on the commission’s list of ‘notorious miscreants’ or ‘thugs’.

However, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee slammed the NHRC report, saying, “The BJP cannot accept its own rate. So they are saying these things as they say. How did the report submitted to the court come out? In fact, everything is a conspiracy to condemn Bengal. It was also decided in the meeting of the Home Secretary that the report of the National Human Rights Commission will be fully answered.

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