Posto: Posta Scandal! As soon as the buyer pretends to be a police raid, his eyes glaze over …

#Kolkata: Is the poppy you are eating poppy at all? Aren’t you buying poppy seeds mixed with corn kernels? If your seller brings poppy from poppy, then you are bound to question your home poppy. After the raid of the enforcement branch of the Kolkata police on Thursday, the answers to this question seem to be revolving in the minds of food-loving Bengalis.

Evidence was found on Thursday afternoon that many people did not regain consciousness even after finding adulterated food items at different times before the operation in Posta. In fact, the business of adulterated posters is going on by showing thumbs up to the eyes of the police. The news of an officer of the enforcement branch of the Calcutta Police named Yugal Kishore Dam was a fake poster. Upon receiving the news, the buyer pretended to be a police officer. Posta wanted to leave the police uniform and go in plain clothes. The officer questioned the shop owner about the quality of the poppy as well as its price. The police were practically shocked to hear the price and quality of different posters.

If you go inside the shop and see the corn kernels, you want to know. The police officer has to listen, if you can get good poppy at a low price, you can get this kind of poppy. As soon as the EB officer went after the police uniform, the seller’s hand was on his forehead. Vendor Manish Kumar Gupta has been arrested. Also, a large quantity of maize grains has been confiscated. Meanwhile, EB has also confiscated adulterated poppy. Several samples were sent for testing on Thursday.

According to EB sources, the accused was allegedly selling the poppy in different places in Kolkata and the district. Police arrested the accused and produced him in Bankshal court on Friday. EB will want to take him into custody. According to police sources, the accused may be taken into custody and more shops may be found in Lalbazar. The police can find and find the main accused in the adulterated posters of this shop.

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