Red Punjabi, black glasses in the eyes! Seeing Madan Mitra riding in Ottawa, the crowd said ‘Oh lovely’ – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: White pajamas are not Punjabi like other political leaders. Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra was caught in colorful avatars all the time. Whether it’s a political rally or Facebook Live, there are fewer political figures who can beat him when it comes to clothing.

Madan Mitra rode in a new outfit on Friday. Wearing red Punjabi. Traditional sports shoes on the feet. With his fans. Madan Mitra, the former transport minister of the state, rode with them in Ottawa. He was in the driver’s seat in the yellow-green auto written by Joy Baba Loknath. And the sun was in his eyes, glasses, watch in hand.

The MLA of Kamarhati drove the auto of this route from Rathtala to Dakshineswar in his traditional manner. The crowd became enthusiastic when they saw Madan Mitra in the driver’s seat. ‘Oh lovely’ came out in unison from the crowd. But this is not the first time. Madan Mitra often goes out with his followers in such a manner.

Madan Mitra also rode his bike during the voting. After Punjabi, he came out in Kamarhati area in the same manner. Madan Mitra has been looking at fashion from the very beginning of the assembly session. Madan Mitra has returned to the assembly after five years. And on his return, he is going through one surprise after another through his ‘style statement’. And every time he was seen in a very happy mood.

One day there was a sparkle in his shoes. Madan Mitra with white dhoti-Punjabi wore a blue mask and a fancy sandal of slippers. The name of the ‘brand’ of that slipper was in English on that slipper – ‘Boss’. According to sources, the slippers were brought from Dubai.

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