WB Post Poll Violence: Jyotipriya-Udayan’s ‘infamous misdeeds’, NHRC report casts shadow on BJP’s allegations

#Kolkata: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has filed a deadly report in the wake of post-poll violence in the state. The 50-page report submitted to the Calcutta High Court lists several notorious miscreants in the state, including several leaders and ministers of the state’s ruling party. The list includes Trinamool MLA Jyotipriya Mallick, Partha Bhowmik and former MLA Udayan Guha. Not only that, the report submitted on this day has claimed that the rule of law is not the rule of law in Bengal. However, Trinamool leader and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has termed the whole incident as BJP’s revenge.

The NHRC report states that the rule of law in the state has completely collapsed. About 2,000 reports of post-poll violence have been received. The CBI should investigate those allegations. Rabindranath’s Bengali is bloody. If it is not stopped now, the violence will spread to other states. The report even accused government officials of working for the ruling party.

This is not the end, the report also contains the names of several women involved in the violence. In all, there are more than 100 names on the commission’s list of ‘notorious miscreants’ or ‘thugs’. Apart from ministers and MLAs, there are more than 10 prominent leaders, including councilors. There are names of Mamata Banerjee’s election agent Sheikh Sufian, there are also names of Shawkat Mollah.

However, the grassroots leadership is reluctant to accept the report. According to them, the report of the commission is purely politically motivated. Mamata Banerjee herself said of the report, “The BJP cannot accept its own rate. So they are saying these things as they say. How did the report submitted to the court come out? In fact, everything is a conspiracy to condemn Bengal.

Jyotipriya Mallick, one of those against whom the commission has leveled serious allegations, said, ‘We have been given names in a purposeful manner. All this is being done because they could not deal with it politically. It has no value. There is no complaint against me in any police station. They just got like themselves. ‘ Udayan Guhar quipped, “The impartial position of the National Human Rights Commission has been identified.” However, the BJP has already come out with the report. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has demanded the resignation of the Mamata Banerjee government, claiming that there is no rule of law in the state. However, it remains to be seen what decision the larger bench of the Calcutta High Court will take after receiving the report.

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