CID on Mongolkot murder | mongalkote | The CID has launched an investigation into the murder of Trinamool leader Asim Das in Mangalkot

#Kolkata: CID takes charge of murder of Trinamool leader Asim Das in Mangalkot Asim Das, the Trinamool Congress president of Lakhuria, was assassinated on Monday, July 12 at Siure Mor CID Homicide Branch officials are investigating the incident

Asim Das was shot dead at Point Blank Range on July 12 Doctors said he was pronounced dead at the hospital The CID team visited the spot on Friday CID officials reached Mangalkot police station this morning Which way is the investigation going? What new information did CID get? What is the motive for the murder? Are the super killers behind the murder?

Sources said the district police has already formed a special investigation team or seat Two people have been arrested in the incident The CID will try to find out whether any super killer is involved in the incident by interrogating the suspects

In addition, the CID team will reconstruct the Mangalkot Trinamool leader Asim Das’s murder by collecting samples at the scene. How did it happen? Eyewitness statements will be recorded CID team reaches Mangalkot police station on Friday The incident in Mangalkot has already started political pressure

Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign And the counter-claim is of the grassroots, the arrested BJP workers The family of the deceased claimed that they had to die prematurely due to the protest against Asim Bali or Coal Syndicate. At that moment, miscreants suddenly came and blocked the way Shot from point blank range The evildoers flee The incident caused a stir The political pressure started Seats are formed on behalf of the district police This time, the CID took charge of the murder of the Mangalkot Trinamool leader Asim Das Who else is involved in this incident is being investigated -ARPITA HAZRA

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