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#Kolkata: Manish Kumar and Irfan Ansari, who came to Kolkata from Bihar, were in danger on Saturday when they failed to find the entrance hall for the Joint Entrance Test (WBJEE) in the state. There is a situation where doubts and worries arise in my mind as to whether I will be able to take the test in time. At that time, the Kolkata Traffic Police extended a helping hand like an angel of God. In the end, the two candidates from Vinrajya were able to reach the test center on time.

Roads and transport in Kolkata are completely unknown to the residents of these two monasteries. Jadavpur in Kolkata means they know the main campus in South Kolkata. Even though there is transport in such a big city, the whereabouts of a bus are unknown to two young students. Anyone asked by the bus or taxi driver has the address of the main campus of Jadavpur University. And reaching that address is like the eye-catching tree of Manish and Irfan. Arriving at the university, the answer was different. They were informed that their examination center was actually the second campus of Jadavpur University, meaning Salt Lake.

Both students lack enough time and money. Which means limited resources in hand. The test time is coming on him. Anxious and frustrated, the two candidates rushed to the Jadavpur crossing to catch a bus. But due to the ban, most of the buses see other routes. Sergeant Niloy Haldar of Jadavpur Traffic Guard was present there at the time. Seeing the two examinees confused, he came forward.

Police want to know the whole matter from Manish and Irfan. Without wasting time realizing the seriousness of the incident, Sergeant Nilay arranged for them to be taken to the examination center on the motorcycle of Constable Krishna Chura Ghosh of the Traffic Guard. They arrive at the test center on time. Two students were seen smiling before the exam when they saw the second campus of the unfamiliar Jadavpur University in Kolkata. On that day, the traffic police left the two students and went back to their duty. The two examinees were filled with gratitude for this kind use of the police of the unknown city.

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