Park Street Follow Up: ‘Agency’ behind the back of room booking at Park Hotel! Searching for Lalbazar …

#Kolkata: The investigation of the night party of the elite hotel on Park Street is coming up with one shocking information after another. At the beginning of the investigation, the detectives got a hint of Benium from the hotel room book. Who is partying by booking a room in an elite hotel? In whose name is the room being booked? In searching for answers to these questions, detectives can first find out that the rooms are being booked in the names of all the women. But who are they? According to sources in Lalbazar, the room that was booked for the purpose of partying at the elite hotel has been booked by an agency. Investigations have already begun about the agency.

Detectives have found out that there has been considerable irregularity in room booking. They claimed that they first found the names of a few women in the investigation, in whose name the agency had booked the room. But there was no girl at the party that day who could be found looking for women based on those names. Police suspect immoral acts from this place.

Even room bookings have come up with information on large financial transactions throughout the party. Investigating officers will also want to know about it from the hotel. Police have also questioned several hotel officials this week. Multiple questions not answered. Inconsistencies have also been caught. So next Monday a total of 10 people including the general manager and floor manager of the hotel have been summoned to Lalbazar.

Ten rooms were booked at the elite hotel last Saturday night. The party was going on with the help of loud speaker DJ. 36 people were arrested in the raid. What was going on behind the party by booking a room? An investigation is underway. Drug addiction information has already come to the fore. Besides, the detectives have come to know that anti-social and immoral activities were going on behind the party. Besides the Kolkata police, the Agari office has also started an investigation.

Amit Sarkar’s report

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