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#Kolkata: He was a devoted soldier of the party in the election of Ekushey. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee relied on him. He has brought the desired victory to the party by overcoming the attacks of the opposition through his hard work and diplomatic decisions. This time Abhishek Banerjee, the party’s all-India general secretary, is playing a major role in grassroots politics. The Trinamool Chhatra Parishad composed a new song announcing his role. This time the Trinamool Congress also took initiative to convey that song to the people. The song ‘Banglar Yuvraj Abhishek’ has already gone viral on social media. This time, the Trinamool has started making that song a caller tune. According to party sources, any network users will get the song as a caller tune.

Incidentally, the video where Abhishek has been called the ‘Prince of Bengal’ has already gone viral on social media. His struggle has been highlighted in the song. The words of the song also express the confidence of the people of Bengal in him. It is written, “God of the poor, the honor of women is with you / I have found you beside me in the day of danger, you have extended your hands.” He has also been honored as the ‘Green Commander’.

The melody of Ekushey’s fight was set by Debangshu Bhattacharya. This time, the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad highlighted the struggle of Abhishek with the same song. The song is sung by Keshab Dey. He also gave the tune. Badal Pal wrote the lyrics. The Facebook page of the party says that you need to use the code 53612545315 to get the song as a caller tune. The song can also be tuned from Jio Saavan App and Airtel WYNK Music App.

Courtesy: Facebook Courtesy: Facebook

But why did the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad suddenly sing such a song after a couple of months of voting? But is Ghasful Shibir still playing the tune of the 2024 election? This is the political practice going on. Posting the song on social media, Trinamool Chhatra Parishad president Trinankur Bhattacharya wrote, “Constant personal attacks, immoral targeting of Abhishek Banerjee’s family, threatening a youth leader in every speech, all the eight and a half crore people of Bengal have failed.” Abhishek has proved that the dream of Subhash’s youth is still mixed in the blood of Bengal. Even today, the youth of Bengal walk in the path of Swamiji. ” That is why the Trinamool Chhatra Parishad has composed a song to honor Abhishek.

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