21 July | Mamata Banerjee | Mamata’s triumph in all state languages! Fancy wall writing in Shobhabazar before 21st July

#Kolkata: The state has won. This time the goal is to become the supreme commander of the whole country. Keeping in mind the possibility of the rise of the Trinamool leader, this time the Trinamool activists of Shobhabazar went down to build a new wall. On the wall of North Kolkata, it was seen that the Trinamool activists were writing the message ‘Mamata Maa’ in the language of each province on the map of the country. The impression is that this mother worship of Bengal is spreading all over the country. The picture says that Mamata Banerjee is killing Coronasur and BJP at the same time. It is understood that this activity before July 21 is in fact an attempt to attract the attention of the media and political circles of the entire country.

Of course, not just writing on the wall, literally the grassroots want to spread the message of their influence to the corners of the country. For the first time this year, the Trinamool leader’s speech will be heard on July 21 in 32 districts of Gujarat. The event will also be celebrated in the neighboring state of Tripura. That preparation has already begun. Even in Uttar Pradesh, the Trinamool Congress has plans to hold a rally on July 21. Therefore, the Trinamool activists are desperate to show that the Trinamool leader is going to spread her influence in different parts of the country. Trinamool leader Tarikh will set foot in Delhi on July 21. The practice has already started.

Mamata Banerjee, however, left the arena of Bengal politics and set foot in Tamil Nadu a few days ago. Not physically, in fact Mamata Amma was written on the wall in this Deccan kingdom. The word Amma is very important in the politics of Tamil Nadu. People there remember the late former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa as Amma. This time the question arose for the right reason to address Mamata as Amma in the wall writing, but has Mamata Banerjee started seeing Deccan in the shadow of Jayalalithaa? Understanding all this, the Trinamool leader wants to look at the strategy before the 2024 election.

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