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#Kolkata: The sudden death of a woman (Golf Green Death) on Sunday holiday caused a stir in the southern suburbs of Golf Green. Initially it was known that the Elderly Woman death committed suicide by jumping from the roof of the house on the morning of the holiday. The incident caused concern among the residents of the area. Police reached the spot. Investigators are investigating whether the elderly woman really committed suicide or there was some other reason behind her death.

According to police sources, the deceased was identified as Binita Mukherjee. He lived alone at his home on Rasa Road in Golf Green, South Kolkata. The working son lives with his wife in Lucknow. Neighbors suddenly heard something heavy reading around 10:30 am on Sunday. He came out and saw a 72-year-old woman lying on the road in a bloody state. Golfgreen police station was immediately informed. Police came and recovered the body and sent it for autopsy.

The woman’s son and daughter-in-law have already been informed after the incident. The police will also inquire about the relationship between them and the adult. Neighbors say Binita Devi lived alone at home as she had no son or daughter-in-law. Whether the woman was suffering from any kind of mental depression due to loneliness in Corona atmosphere is also being investigated. Besides, he is also trying to find out if anyone went to his house this morning. The part of the road where the body was found lying was initially made of fog. Because the distance to this body was a little longer than where you should have jumped. That is what the eyewitnesses are saying. The police are investigating the matter. Investigating officers said the matter would be clarified as soon as the autopsy report was received.

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