Chorbagan Sarbojanin will give idols to committees affected by corona | This club in North Kolkata is making 11 mother statues in Atimari, not 1, but why? – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Durga Puja means festival and festival means joy. The Chorbagan Public Durgotsab Samiti of North Kolkata took Durga Puja Preparation so that no one would be deprived of that joy. This time they will make ten more idols of Durga besides themselves. Those idols will be given to those pujo committees who are not able to organize pujo this time due to financial reasons. But not absolutely free, you have to pay honorable.

This time many pujo committees are suffering from financial crisis for Corona. Many puja committees still do not understand whether it will be possible to organize puja in the end. At the same time, the potters and their associates are suffering from financial crisis due to lack of work. In this situation, Chorbagan Sarvajanik has come forward to solve the problem of ten pujo committees. This time they will make a total of 11 tagors. Of these, one Tagore will give the remaining 10 to other pujo committees.

Chorbagan Public Durgotsab Samiti in preparation Chorbagan Public Durgotsab Samiti in preparation

Jayant Bandyopadhyay, chief entrepreneur of Chorbagan Sarvajanin, said, “We know that the pujo of many pujo committees has become uncertain this time. So we don’t have to rely on advertising. They have their own resources, so this idea. At first I decided that money would help. But in the future, it will be helped with the mother’s idol. ‘ Since there is no debt to be kept, the idol of the mother will not be given for free. The mother idol will be given at the same price as the pujo committee will give from one to one hundred rupees.

But on what basis will it be given and to which pujo committees? Jayant said, “We will take the application form, look at them and then decide which pujo committee will be given.” Bimal Samanta, the artist of this pujo committee, said, ‘The potters and their associates, the first people we go to for pujo, are in a bad condition this time. We thought of making these ten tagurs to put a smile on their faces. At the same time, there are many pujo committees who want to perform pujo from the heart, but this time the financial situation is turbulent. Thinking of all of them, the plan is to make so many tagores together in this premises. ‘

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