Haridevpur Jmb Case: Search for new militant outfit in Haridevpur, Bangladesh informs Kolkata police

#Kolkata: As the Haridebpur JMB investigation progresses, the investigators are getting shocking information. The detainees had already joined the JMB militant group. This time a new militant group was found. According to sources, the perpetrators of the Haridebpur incident are in cahoots with a new militant group called the Islamic State of Bengal Province.

Bangladesh has already informed the Kolkata police about this. It is learned that the militant group called Islamic State of Bengal Province is headed by Zia, a retired army officer of Bangladesh. Under his leadership, the new militant group is joining hands with militant groups such as the Jmb. They were joined by Naziur, Lalu Sen alias Rahul, who was arrested from Haridebpur.

According to the investigation, the arrest of Haridebpur has already been linked with the Khagragarh incident. That is why the STF (Kolkata Police Stf) wants to interrogate JMB militant Farooq Ahmed, who was arrested by the NIA in 2016 in the Khagragarh case, face to face with Naziroy, who was arrested in the Haridebpur case. Permission has already been obtained from the Bankshal court in this regard. It is learned that Naziur will be taken to Dumdum Jail for questioning soon.

It is also learned that three persons, including Naziur, were arrested from the house in Haridebpur, where cctv footage showed Rahul alias Lalu Sen entering the house. It is alleged that Rahul used to visit different states of the country to build new modules there. Several suspicious documents including laptop and iPhone have been recovered from Lalu Sen. That is the source of the organization called Islamic State of Bengal Province.

Police arrested three JMB militants from Haridebpur in Kolkata a few days ago. Lalu Sen’s hadith matches from them. The STF suspects that Lalu Sen not only helped with money and vehicles, but also made Aadhaar cards and voter cards for militants to stay in the country. Several mobile SIMs were also found in the drain near Rahul’s house. A bird-killing gun was also found in the house.

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