In Bangalore, he lost a bag full of 72,000 rupees on the bus, then …

#Kolkata: Friday evening was a terrible night for Ayub Ali Fakir. Ayub Ali Fakir, a resident of Mograhat in South 24 Parganas, came to Muchipara Police Station at around 7 pm to lodge a complaint. A tailor by profession and currently working in Bangalore, he was returning home for Eid a year later. In the joy of returning home through the city, it becomes his soil in a moment. The man, Ayub Ali, said he boarded a bus on the Howrah-Sealdah route from Howrah to the Nilratan Sarkar Hospital bus stop. He can’t find the bag in his hand since he got off the bus. The bag contained 72,000 rupees, which had been stored with great difficulty for many months, along with some other items. Disoriented at the money show, Ayub requested to rescue his bag anyway.

The two sub-inspectors of Muchipara police station seem to be practically disoriented even after understanding everything. The difficulty increases because the person could not tell the police about the bus number, route number, any of them. Sub-inspectors Rakesh Gorai and Bipul Kumar Sau, two officers of Muchipara police station, started searching for various bus unions. Most of the time, the police solve the mystery by looking at the CCTV footage. In this case, even though the idea came, the specified place was outside the CCTV camera. Then two officers of Muchipara police station started communicating with those unions again and again.

After some time, a bus conductor contacted Muchipara police station through Lalbazar, and the investigating officer told Sub-Inspector Rakesh Gorai to collect the bag from the concerned bus. After identification in accordance with the rules and regulations of the police, the entire money and his bag were returned Ayub was overwhelmed with gratitude. The whole Muchipara police station is happy to be by his side. And Ayub Ali got the bag in his hand and got his life back

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