Jagdeep Dhankhar | After the meeting with Mamata, why the governor of Delhi suddenly! The BJP is climbing the hill of speculation

#Kolkata: Is the Governor’s visit to Delhi the BJP’s Samjhauta Express? After a private conversation with the Chief Minister at the Raj Bhavan for about an hour and a half, various rumors are being made about Jagdeep Dhankhar’s sudden visit to Delhi. And the reason for this speculation is Governor Dhankhar himself. The only question in the political arena is that the governor tweeted without hesitation, after a 90-minute meeting with the chief minister, in the yellow flower boke given by the chief minister in the tweet! Murulidhar Sen Lane cloud of concern in the sky! The only question is, is the center going to make a deal with him in front? Some are wondering again, will the state BJP be haunted again by the ghost that was everywhere after Sardar?

A source close to the governor said he had gone to Delhi on personal business. However, he was not seen leaving the Bangabhaban in Chanakyapuri. The only fear of the residents of Murulidhar Sen Lane is that if the traditional practice of sacrificing the state’s interests to save Delhi’s mattress is repeated, the BJP will gain confidence in the state. Those who fought against the grassroots at the risk of their lives to bring the party to power can no longer be saved.

According to sources, a BJP MP called him after the governor’s meeting with the chief minister yesterday. The governor has told him that constitutionally I am obliged to have good relations with him. As a result, his idea is not to let the governor go into conflict again.

Political circles are also saying that Narendra Modi can remove the governor this time by accepting Mamata’s demand. According to a section of the BJP, Mamata wants to meet Modi in Delhi. This is a strategic move by Mamata on her upcoming visit to Delhi. The question is, why did the governor go to Delhi just before him! Desperate for survival, did the governor set foot in the capital with the message of Mamata Banerjee?

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