Kolkata Airport: L message from the army, ‘Bomb on Kolkata plane’! Then …

#Kolkata: Bombing again at the airport. Panic erupted at Kolkata airport on Sunday morning. ‘There is a bomb on the plane’, the warning from the army spread panic at Calcutta International Airport. And that’s why the search started without allowing a Dubai-bound plane to take off. However, sources said that no bomb has been found in the plane yet. But the plane was stuck.

According to sources, an SMS was sent to the manager of Kolkata Airport from the military liaison unit on Sunday morning. It said there were bombs on a flight from Dubai to Kolkata. Then the noise fell at the airport. The 145 passengers on board were brought down.

It is learned that the Emirates flight landed at Kolkata airport around 8.10 am on Sunday following the news of the bomb blast. The plane was taken to the other end of the port. It was said that the plane would be released after a search. But all aspects are being scrutinized with strict caution. So the plane has not been released yet. Passengers are in panic for natural reasons.

On Sunday morning, a warning came from the army to the airport authorities. It is said that there was a bomb on a plane coming from Dubai to Kolkata. Airport security has been beefed up. Naka search has started. Police patrol is going on.

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