Lost business in lockdown, horse cart traders in extreme financial hardship

#Kolkata: Lonely car. Munni, the king is pregnant. Five died due to illness. Several people are undergoing treatment. The only question is how long it is going around like this? Wondering who I’m talking about. Raja, the horse of Munni Maidan. About 80 horse-drawn carriages wait daily in front of the Victoria or Birla constellation. Most of these horses live in Hastings. Under the ramp of the second Hooghly Bridge.

One by one the horses have started getting sick without getting food for the last few days. Allegedly, four horses have already died. Business closed from the start of the lockdown. No income. There is no opportunity to procure food. And that’s what traders are worried about. In the Hastings area, this horse is used for two kinds of work. Those who have horse-drawn carriages. They turn people around in their horse-drawn carriages and make money from it. And someone’s horse stays on the field. All those horses turned on the field and pressed the riders. But all the horses that are for the carriage are not left behind. And now, leaving behind, several horses have fallen ill.

Prabal Mukherjee has been associated with this horse business for a long time. “We never let go of all these horses,” he said. However, the biggest problem was not getting food. Prabal said, “Food is not being procured at all. Business is closed, so there is no money. It is not possible to buy food for more money. We also have a strain in our pockets.” Some horses are trying to heal the wounds themselves. Due to the lockdown, there is no one to cut the grass in the field. As a result, no one has the answer as to who will bring the food.

Not only horse carriages, but also horses are taken from here for weddings or movie shootings. That too is closed. As a result, their owners are in trouble with 130 horses. Sometimes, of course, an animal-loving organization went with some food. That’s all. That meal lasts one day. As a result, if the state government takes any action on their application. At least it will be possible to save the horses.

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