Minister’s daughter urges in social media not to spread rumors | ‘Dad is a fighter’! Sadhan Pandey’s physical condition pleaded not to spread ‘fake news’ daughter Shreya …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Trinamool MLA Sadhan Pandey is the Consumer Protection Minister of the critically ill state. He has been kept on full ventilation. His lung condition has also become complicated. According to hospital sources, the physical condition of the veteran politician did not improve till Sunday morning. Political circles from the family of the veteran leader are concerned about this. But in the meantime, unfounded and false news about the physical condition of Minister Sadhan Pandey is being spread on social media, said his daughter Shreya Pandey. Shreya Pandey said in a statement on Sunday morning that her father was in a critical condition. Not only did he publish the statement, he also shared a video on Facebook. And he appealed to everyone to pray for his father’s speedy recovery.

Shreya Pandey said, “Some baseless and false news has been spread on social media about my father’s physical well-being. This news has hurt my family, our relatives and many of my father’s followers. I keep getting phone calls to find out about it. My request is, please refrain from spreading such rumors. Dad is a warrior, he will continue this war. ” Shreya prayed at the temple on this day praying for the speedy recovery of Baba Sadhan Pandey. He then released the statement on social media.

Shreya added in her statement, “This is a sensitive time. We know that you are also worried about your father. I need your prayers for his speedy recovery. My father is a warrior. And he will recover from this fight. The power of prayer is infinite. You should pray for that too.” , So that my father may be healed again. “

On Friday, the veteran Trinamool leader was admitted to a private hospital on the side of the bypass in an almost unconscious state. From then on his condition started getting worse. That is why he has been kept in full ventilation. He is undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctor Nabarun Roy. He has problems with shortness of breath, cough and abnormal blood pressure. Heartbeat has also increased a lot. His condition did not improve until Sunday morning. On the contrary, the situation has become more critical. Meanwhile, the news of his death spread. In this context, the girl Shreya published a statement and video highlighting the real truth. When he was admitted on Friday, his blood oxygen level dropped dramatically. The minister went to inaugurate the tableau at noon that day. He felt sick after returning home from the sun all day. He was rushed to hospital.

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