Pegasus Surveillance: The ghost of Pegasus is back! Leaders were eavesdropping on the phone again! The storm is forecast from this afternoon

#Kolkata: Indians were eavesdropping on their phones. One or two of the 121 people in India were spying on their phones using Israeli-made software spyware Pegasus. In October 2019, WhatsApp brought this information to the fore. This time the ghost is about to return after 18 months, thanks to a tweet from BJP Rajya Sabha MP Shuvramaniam Swamy. It is known that the name of a Trinamool MP is in this list.

In his tweet, Subramaniam Swamy wrote that the Washington Post and the London Guardian could release a report this afternoon, according to Indian time. The report could shed light on how Modi’s cabinet ministers, RSS leaders, Supreme Court justices and many journalists were intercepted using the Israeli agency Pegasus. I will give details as soon as I am sure about the matter.

The subtle thing is that Subramaniam Swamy will tweet, it is kind of self-evident. But like last time, the names of social activists, journalists and human rights activists were involved, this time the issue is not stuck there. Subramaniam Swamy went a step further and said that the names of the politicians who have been burnt by the ruling party of the country may also be there. It is to be noted that in the same tweet, Derek O’Brien wrote that many opposition leaders are eavesdropping on the phone. In other words, the implication of his words is that the names of Bengali MPs may also be in the list.

A special addition to the play is Karti Chidambaram’s tweet, where he wrote that Pegasus could be explosive this time. As a result, it is needless to say that the matter is not stuck in mere speculation. Rather, it can be said that if this report is published, a storm may arise in the Parliament.

It should be remembered that Mamata Banerjee herself expressed her anger about this 18 months ago. “The center is using the Israeli agency, eavesdropping on secret information,” said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. “Look at the politicians, the judges, the journalists,” he said at the time. Earlier land phones, mobiles were monitored, now WhatsApp is not safe either. The center is doing all this. My phone is eavesdropped on. ”As a result, it is clear that if the names of Trinamool MPs are on the list this time, the Trinamool leader and her party will not leave this time.

It may be mentioned that at that time, Congress spokesperson Randeep Suraj Wala wrote on Twitter demanding the intervention of the Supreme Court, urging the central government to take action against the accused. Waiting a few more hours to see how far this water will go.

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