Sadhan Pandey Critical: Extremely alarming Sadhan Pandey! Sunday morning’s news is even more worrying …

#Kolkata: State Consumer Protection Minister Sadhan Pandey is in a critical condition. He has been kept on full ventilation. His lung condition has also become complicated. According to hospital sources, the physical condition of the veteran politician did not improve till Sunday morning. On the contrary, his condition has become extremely alarming (Sadhan Pande Health Update). According to hospital sources on the edge of the bypass, he is in full ventilation. He was admitted to a private hospital near the bypass on Friday in a coma.

According to hospital sources, he is undergoing treatment under the supervision of doctor Nabarun Roy He had difficulty breathing and coughing, as well as abnormal blood pressure. Heartbeat has also increased a lot His heartbeat has also become irregular. At the same time, the senior minister has also had a great impact on the brain. Doctors call this condition brain encephalopathy. Although the family still has nothing to say about it. The hospital authorities have also locked their mouths.

When he was admitted to the hospital on Friday, the amount of oxygen in his blood had dropped drastically. In medical terms, that condition is called hypoxic respiratory failure. Hospital authorities could not reach a decision before Monday. CT scan and X-ray of the lungs were done. Mild pneumonia in the chest.

He was admitted to the hospital with a lung infection just before the assembly elections After recovering, he returned to work He was present at the inauguration of the Tablo of the Consumer Protection Office on Friday afternoon After returning home from the sun all day, he started feeling sick After that the leader over seventy was rushed to the hospital

Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh wrote on Twitter, ‘Veteran leader Sadhan Pandey is in deep crisis. Extremely worrying. Unconscious. Instrumentation in progress. MRI is scheduled for Monday. The condition of the brain is not clear to physicians. I pray to God to heal him. ‘

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